The Witch Files (2018) English 300MB HDRip 480p

The Witch Files (2018)

IMDB Ratings: 4.6/10
Directed: Kyle Rankin
Released Date: 14 September 2018 (USA)
Genres: Horror , Thriller
Languages: English
Film Stars: Paget Brewster, Holly Taylor, Valerie Mahaffey
Movie Quality: 480p HDRip
File Size: 300MB

When one of the stars of the new horror/comedy, The Witch Files responded to my question for a brief pitch – it was exactly as I had expected (based solely on the poster art). The Craft meets Mean Girls.

Now, this may or may not be a description which will whet your movie-going appetite. While I’m aware of The Craft and its cult following, I’ve never actually seen the film (you may post your angry comments below). And, I do adore Mean Girls.

So what was I expecting, going in to the film’s screening at the 5th Annual FilmQuest Film Festival in Provo – where the film had its USA Premiere?

I was actually level-headed about it. Somewhere in the middle ground as far as expectation.

I certainly couldn’t have anticipated that the film would be so multi-layered, genuinely entertaining and with a lovely beating heart, surrounded by the themes of friendship and loyalty.

Who’d a thunk it?

The Witch Files (2018)

Five mismatched high school girls – Claire, the nerdy one (Holly Taylor), Brooke, the shallow and rich beauty (Alice Zeokolski), Jules, the goth-chick (Britt Flatmo), Greta, the athlete (Adrienne Rose-White ) and M.J., the scaredy-cat (Tara Robinson) barely know of one another’s existence, until they all end up in detention together. It’s there that they learn of Jules’ abilities in witchcraft. Out of curiosity, they all meet at a location in the woods – where there has been a long history of the black arts in their small New England town. They bond themselves, become a coven and begin to take advantage of their new powers. But as time goes on, a mystery presents itself, and will start to take a dangerous toll on this newly-minted friendship.

As the film progressed, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of special effects (not a dis, it’s just such a character-driven piece), but when the climax comes-a-callin’, and our five young witches have grown more comfortable in their new witchy-skin, there will be no shortage of magical lightning bolts, bubbly shields and invisibility. It’s all handled with great care – never allowing the audience to see the potential seams of the visual effects.


The film is found footage. Claire is an audio-visual geek/school reporter, so she has a camera on-hand at all times. And with the addition of security-cam footage (in the school and on the city streets) that is how the film is presented. While found footage has fallen out of favor from my audience stance, the use of it here rarely bothered me – probably because for the most part – it felt justified. A rare feat in and of itself.

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